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Slot Machine Addiction; Petty or Grave?

The sound of the constant ringing and the sound of the same tunes spinning round and round is the first thing you will probably hear upon entering a casino. You ask yourself where these sounds come from but you soon are seeing the answer for yourself, because once you walk ahead you see this big Jackpot sign above the endless rows of Slot Machines. Are you enticed or shunned by the beauty of Slot Machines? Every casino has its regulars on the Slot Machines, but is their addiction petty or grave in your eyes?

People have loved playing the Slot Machine since the 1890s and still love it until this very day. Are there even factors that can make an addiction to Slot Machines a bad thing? Well, let us analyze this step by step. You definitely know you caught the Slot Machine addiction once you start wanting nothing else, but to play the Slots and hear the ringing bells and coins tossing out of the Slots. Devoting someone's time passionately to an activity is one thing, but if you lose track of time it is clearly another thing.

A grave factor in Slot Machine addiction is when you absolutely spend no more time with your spouse, friends, children or parents. It does not only affect your personal relationships but your personality as well, because for once you do not socialize and because traditional addiction signs will soon appear whenever you are without the Slot Machine. So how will you really act once you are away from your Slot Machine? You get angry and irritable at anything and everyone that seems to try to reason with you, you cannot seem to stop talking about Slot Machines, and your emotions are on a selfish rollercoaster.

Now you may ask if there are even just petty parts in Slot Machine addiction, and the answer is yes. If we just treat it as a big lust for games, the petty part about Slot Machine addiction is the fact that you only spend a dime or a quarter each time you play. If you round the total number of Slot games up that you are playing in each casino visit, and multiply this number by your bet. So let us assume you play for a quarter each game and pull the lever around a hundred times, so that is .25 x 100. This means that you only have to invest 25 dollars in your petty fun.

If you do not invest too much time into playing Slots, then you won't qualify for the grave part of Slot machine addiction, but just playing for fun with the little money you put in is totally fine.

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