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If you will take a careful look at the people inside the pachinko blackjack online casinos, you will shortly find out that most of them are mediocre business people that game to have themselves some fun after a long hard day at the office. But among the business people you can also find house-wifes, youngsters (above the age of 18. of course) and many tourists. If you will check the datums you will find out that the pachinko industry provides gambling machines for over 50 million people that plays on a regular basis – and that is only in Japan itself. Of course there are many pachinko gamblers in another places around the world. Probably the thing that makes pachinko machines so popular in Japan is the fact that the game is kind of a mix between a slot machine and a pinball game. The player decides in which speed the balls will be thrown into the machine. Most of these metallic balls will fall after a second or two, but the balls who won't fall may hit one of the machines wholes, and by that a slot machine will be activated. Beside of that, each balls that hits a whole, gives the gambler more balls – which means more odds of wining.

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